Saturday, 23 January 2010

How long will this thing last...

Here's a review of 2009 which seems ages ago, and this is a little late. Plus as I blogged for most of it there's not much I wanted to say.

2009 - Left old job, visited Manchester, visited Cardiff – evil dead play (Awesome), moved to brighton, wrote Jimmy Fight script, old PC died when editing the making of Dark Furutre, bought New PC, Ten Dead Men DVD released, left another job, made another E4 thing, geeked out at conventions, attended Phantasmagoria – Uwe Boll, Neil Jackson and Michael Armstrong, got a new job, went to see Kevin Smith Q&A, Showed some films at Moviebar, completed Bitter Ruin video "soldier".

Here's some music I witnessed live:
Bird Eats Baby, Supersuckers, Wednesday 13, Devo, Kinky Friedman, John Otway, Alice Cooper.

And some films: My Name is Bruce, Coraline, Star Trek, Drag Me To Hell, 500 Days of Summer, District 9, Inglorious Basterds, Zombieland.

Finally games I played.
Batman Arkham Asylum, Rock Bands, Guitar Hero, Alone in the Dark, Darkness, Kane & Lynch, Fallout 3

Also discoverd Scott Pilgrim, really looking forward to the final volume and the Edgar Wright movie.

That's that done. I may be back...