Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Page Views...

So I come to blog, after a while not doing so, and I find myself confronted by a new view. Upon this view, as other blogspot user will know. is the ability to see ones stats.

Now I know other methods and programs exist for this type of review, but I'm lazy. Now I can easily see what a difference I'm making to the world.

Absolutely none.

Well 49 people, of which I'm probably a handful, wanted to see my thoughts on Sucker Punch. Beyond that I seem to average out at 3 page view per post.

The sad thing is I pretty much know who these people are, and would probably benefit more, if I either just rang them up, or sent out a monthly Newsletter of my adventures in not much at all.

I was going to do a proper post about how I may be changing projects again, how I'm busy writing things and generally how Jenny Ringo is awesome, and now on the IMDB.

But instead I'm going to wallow in sadness and stare at my stats to see just how many people view my blog.

I was under the impression that people would want to know "how it all went down!"

Perhaps not.

Editors Note:
I have looked more closely at my stats and discovered that I was only looking for the last week. I now realise that Sucker Punch got 2172 page views. So I stadn corrected, clearly people just want to know how Sucker Punch went down.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I really need to blog...

So the last couple of months have been a bit mental, some good stuff, some bad.

I should really do an extended blog but I'm at work so can't.

Maybe next time.