Friday, 24 April 2009

Dancing a dance of safety.

So its strange for me to post twice in one day but I came across this looking for something similar. The Donnas, a band I've never really bought anything by, but generally enjoy and have seen them live at the Leeds festival many years ago. Anyway, they've covered The Safety Dance originally by Men Without Hats. So here it is. Excuse the crappy video, I didn't make it, but its the music we care about. Enjoy.

I really should get a Donnas album. Anyway, the reason I found this was because I was looking for a different cover version. I came across the cover a few years ago, and have it on a minidisc back home but now have no idea what it is. It was basically a sort of 50's rock and roll version. But no luck.

So to bring things to a close here's the original Safety Dance video. It is one of the best videos ever mainly due to its scary Wickerman similarities.

My New Favourite Band.

You've probably already seen this on Brother Chris' blog but as they say, a good cast is worth repeating. So here's the video again. The Trouble by Birdeatsbaby.

Birdeatsbaby - The Trouble from Philippa Bloomfield on Vimeo.

I can't really say exactly why this band has suddenly appeared in my musical radar like a massive flashing whale of some kind. Apart from being a really good band, both live and recorded, I think the whole night as a whole played a part. What Chris didn't mention was how weird the night became. We got the the bar at the correct time stated only to be turned away as they weren't open. First impressions were not too good. The place looked like some sort of social club, just an empty room with a small stage, a few sofas and a small bar. Still, we returned later to find the room now contained 2 couples ballroom dancing. Not sure if the place was open yet, we cautiously ventured inside. We were then informed that the gig was downstairs. Yes hidden beneath the dance class like a 30's speakeasy was in fact The Latest Bar. Still not a large place but it has a lot of character to make up for that fact. Things then began to settle down a bit and enjoyment was had. It was a bit weird how we seemed to be the only people there who weren't friends with any of the bands, and the fact that if you needed the toilet you had to go back upstairs and past the dancers.

The other reason that made the night was the creation of an idea for the Virgin Media Shorts competition. I don't want to get into too much detail but we started the night thinking, "Yeah, we should do that" to having a full idea ready to begin development.

So yes, Birdeatsbaby, my new favourite band, will forever be joined with one of many weird nights out, and the creation of what will hopefully be a great little short.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Why has everything broken?

Ok, I know I haven't updated in ages. I always meant to, but now I find myself needing a distraction from the slow loading speeds of the itvplayer.

To back track I don't really watch a lot of television, but there are a few programmes I enjoy. Being a fan of the old school I used to tape these if they clashed with other activities, but as a last resort I would turn to the online iplayers. These are pretty good if A) you have a decent enough pc connection and B) well mainly just A. Unfortunately ovewr the weekend we lost use of the the television to some unknown reason so I am forced to watch Primeval yet again in ITVPlayer. However, at this moment in time, we've also been experiencing internet problems. Mainly the wirelessness not working as it should. To make matters worse, I attempted to connect my PC with an ethernet cable but my PC (which I should mention is on its last legs, and beginning to feel a lot like that level on Tron 2.0 where you go into the old pc and everything goes dead slow) refuses to recognise it so I'm back to watching 2 minutes then buffering then 2 minutes then buffering then 1 minute then buffering then adverts.

So I'm keeping myself sane by writing this all out in this blog post. This is also only part one of the iplayer adventure as at some point I'm going to have to watch Heroes and Stuart Lee's Comedy Vehicle. I should really be writing Jimmy Fight which at the moment I'm only about 14 pages in but I'm sure I'll get into it soon enough.

On a lighter note I went to see Crank 2: High Voltage last night which was as silly as ever. In a good way that is. If you look too closely at the Crank films there's nothing really behind them but then that's kind of the point. They are video games. The most accurate video game movie out there, without even being based on a video game. Anyway it was better than Transporter 3 which was a disappointment. I'm now only really looking forward to seeing Coraline in 3D.

I would post youtube links but then the Internet would die forever.

At least Jason Flemyng has now turned up in Primeval. and he's always been good.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Ultimate destruction is just a few minutes away...

I said I'd come up with a better title so there you have it. And it means nothing really, despite the fact that I'm about to destroy my PC.

I've been editing some behind the scenes footage for the Dark Future trailer, and it's been going smooth up until recently as my PC has now decided to initiate Project Complete Lockdown, which is really annoying, especially as the video is so near completion.

Anyway, I'm back into working on films again with the making-of mentioned above and about to start work on a feature script with Chris that either is, or will be known as Jimmy Fight.

So this post is short as I'd better get on.

However I would like to mention that the Congo Review website has been updated after about 10 months or so. I hope to get more done, but for now there's just a few due to time really. There is also another film that has reached the dizzy heights of being Better Than Congo, but I'll let you find that for yourself (which isn't hard if you just check the New Reviews page)

So back to work I go. Here's hoping the PC will hold out just a little longer.