Saturday, 4 April 2009

Ultimate destruction is just a few minutes away...

I said I'd come up with a better title so there you have it. And it means nothing really, despite the fact that I'm about to destroy my PC.

I've been editing some behind the scenes footage for the Dark Future trailer, and it's been going smooth up until recently as my PC has now decided to initiate Project Complete Lockdown, which is really annoying, especially as the video is so near completion.

Anyway, I'm back into working on films again with the making-of mentioned above and about to start work on a feature script with Chris that either is, or will be known as Jimmy Fight.

So this post is short as I'd better get on.

However I would like to mention that the Congo Review website has been updated after about 10 months or so. I hope to get more done, but for now there's just a few due to time really. There is also another film that has reached the dizzy heights of being Better Than Congo, but I'll let you find that for yourself (which isn't hard if you just check the New Reviews page)

So back to work I go. Here's hoping the PC will hold out just a little longer.

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