Thursday, 25 June 2009

Ideas re-thought and re-posted.

Not my ideas that is, that's why I'm leaving the last post intact. The music video create by Dad's friend was taken down and re-posted in a completely new guise, so here it is once again.

Screaming Till The Sun Goes Down (2nd thought mix) from Extra Familiar on Vimeo.

Enjoy once again.

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Some good stuff...

So today I saw a woman carrying a severed head. Ok so it wasn't a real severed head, well, not real as in from a human. This was all resolved after I reapplied my glasses to my face and saw the head for what it was, however it did scare me for those few brief seconds. What has this to do with anything? Absolutely nothing, which is what this post is all about really.

Although not mentioned in full last time, I'm still working on my E4 entry for this years Estings, and I'm about half way through. If all is well it should be good. However I'm going to have to make it longer than the 10 second limit and cut it down afterwards which hopefully won't detract from the final piece.

This is stopping me from looking for a new job, which is an almost inconceivable task in the current climate, however I shall persevere and hopefully come out the victor. (that is if working actually makes you the victor, or some kind of sheep like being. But hey, I need to eat)

This paragraph is used to sing the prises once again of Scott Pilgrim. My obsession is fueled by the daily photo updates on Edgar Wrights blog here. Nothing much has been given away yet. There are a few cool videos featuring the cast, but nothing as to how the film will finally look. There's a long way to go just yet, set for release in 2010 (that's Twenty-Ten by the way) but I must say I'm looking forward to it. The unfortunate thing is I'm currently on volume 3 of the comic ans therefore only have another 2 before I'm out. I think there's to be a sixth and final volume set for release with the film. I'm just gonna have to keep my eyes peeled.

Now I'm going to talk about a great film form my childhood, Young Sherlock Holmes. This has still stood the test of time as far as I'm concerned. We were going to watch it as part of a double bill with the Dolph Lundgren starring Masters of the Universe but time was against us. I'd forgotten most of what Young Sherock was about. I could remember the classic moments like the stained glass knight (which by the way looks as good , if not better , than any modern CGI) and Watson seeing cakes come alive and force themselves into his mouth. Which come to think of it is pretty weird. But what I could not remember was how terrifying the character Elizabeth Hardy's hallucination was. I remembered that there were zombies, ok I was somewhat prepared, but not for her falling into her open grave. not only this, but a laughing, screaming skeletal zombie carves her gravestone whilst her dead uncle begins to bury her. This honestly scared me. I'm sure they must have cut this from any previous version, or I happened to block it from my memory. Young Sherlock Holmes is good stuff, as good as Congo even. Check out this trailer for the film taken from some random American TV station.

Finally I'm going to post a video that Brother Chris is most likely posting at the moment here.
It's a video my Dad's friend made for one of their old songs.

Screaming till the Sun Goes Down from Extra Familiar on Vimeo.

The song featured on the locally produced LP Cry Havoc by the Stoke Musicians collective. A lot of the tracks still sound cool today as I did give it a listen the other day. Altogether "Do the East Berlin. Do it again!"

Anyway I like the video and I'm glad the song has not been forgotten.

In a final link the same people were behind the song Elasto which I have posted here before, and do so again as I think it gets ignored too much. Now I've got to buy even more extortionate train tickets. Until next time...

Friday, 19 June 2009

Just to confirm I was there?

Ok, so I havn'tmuch to say. If I could be bothered, I could go on about the trials of creating 16-bit graphics in a "helpfully" smoothing era but I wont. Anyway I just thought I should continue the youtube gigs posts. We wnet to see Jarvis Cocker on Tuesday (16th June) and it was fair good it was. I don't really follow him musically. I know he's a nice man fomr TV programs and the like, and we did see him at Leeds festival in 2000 when he was Pulping it up so I had a brief idea of what to expect. His solo stuff is wuite good. It did keep me entertained for the hour and a half set. Not every song was a hit but it was a good night overall. So here it is, a randon youtube video so you can pretend you were there on the night with us. Enjoy!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Is it better to go out in a blaze of glory or in a long drawn out manner?

So I haven't blogged anything for a while now. There's not really much to report, some life things going on which I'm not mentioning.

As mentioned previously I finished Jimmy Fight, then completed Jimmy CV (which was pretty boring really). Now I get to work on something entirely new. I say new, but really I've got a treatment to write, and old script to re-jig a bit and something music related that I wont elaborate on until it's more official. It's basically a music video but what of and for whom shall remain secret for a while. Jimmy Music will be the code word...words. So I'm pretty covered in that respect, lots to get on with, still at the amateur hobby style level but it's all experience and fun. Therefore it's all good.

In other news we eventually saw Star Trek, which really impressed me. There are a few issues I have with it, nothing major though. And I'm not quite sure what those issues are. When I left the cinema I kinda felt it was all wrapped up pretty quickly I think, as though they'd remembered they needed to save the Captain and defeat the bad guy. But it was cool so good on Mr Abrams.

I also saw Sam Raimi's Drag Me To Hell. I think I saw the trailer to this a while back, but other than that had no idea what this was apart from Brother Chris going on about how it was supposed to be really good. Which it is. It could have been a lot better but its good to see Sam Raimi do something other than Spiderman. It has to be said that Drag Me To Hell was saved by its ending though. There were scares throughout, not many true atmospheric scares but more Boo! jump scares, and there were a couple of missed opportunities, but the ending really helped. I can't really explain any more without giving anything away, but it's cool.

As a final note, my new obseesion with the Scott Pilgrim comic continues, having finally got a copy of Volume 2, which seems to have become rarer than a golden DoDo. So I can finally continue the read the adventures of a guy to which everyday life is..well...everyday life. All with a humorous and slightly bizarre twist though.

Oh, and I think a blaze of glory would have worked better.