Friday, 26 June 2015

Zbox Unboxed

So in the US there a subscription service called Loot Crate. You pay a monthly fee and each month you get a box of stuff. Good old fashioned nerdy stuff - comics, figures, t-shirts etc.

Now I could never work out why I would regularly want to pay for stuff, not knowing what the stuff will be. Especially when I could put that money toward something I like and want.

Then Zavvi started to do something similar, except you paid each month, rather than subscribing. I still wasn't sure about it.

Then they did a special offer and offered a lucky dip. It was onyl half the price, but included some of the things from previous boxes.

I dived in.

But I'm not sure if it was worth it.

In place of an unboxing video, this is a picture of what I got:

1. Shadow of Mordor Liquid mouse mat (looks like it has blood in it)
2. Lenticular Thundercats postcard
3. Bumblebee stress ball
4. South Park magnet
5. Spiderman hanging figure.

And that's it. All for the low low price of £10

On a good note, I like that you get a box of stuff. It's a bit like buying yourself a random Christmas/Birthday present.

On a bad note -I don' think I would have bought any of this myself. Except maybe the Spiderman hangy thing (but not a silver one).

But here's the interesting thing, I sort of see how a subscription service would work. I kind of want to get another to see if it would be better!