Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Dying is easy, filmmaking is hard...

So I moved from the industrial pottery town of Stoke-on-Trent to the artistic mecca of Brighton in search of fortune and glory. Surely there's more going on here then up north.

Apparently not.

Not at all.

I've learned 2 lessons recently with my time working on Project 30:

Lesson number 1 -
Never announce anything until you know for sure you can pull it off.

Lesson number 2 -
Don't ever try anything until you know you can definitely pull it off.

Obviously lesson 2 is a contradictory statement, as in order to see if you can pull it off, you need to try. However, just don't bother. This way, you'll still have great ideas, you'll still want to make the next Harry Potter and most of all, you'll still enjoy watching other peoples films.

I've wasted money, time, energy and sleep for nothing much in return. The world is too messed up unless you can pay your way through.

Project 30 does continue as I write my script. As for making films; I lost my desire for this. I'll leave it for those with the blinders on...

...which is what I was thinking a few weeks ago during one of my darker periods.

It's fitting that today is Halloween. Today I am every so very pleased to announce the title of my short film -

So now I will obviously continue on about how I overcame this dark period and managed to get my cast sorted. Also how after a simple meeting with Darren Berry about possible cameras I could buy to make the film, he then suggested he film it. And finally discussing how my schedule is causing me hours of frustration. I will cover this and keep you updated on the making of One Foot From Hell...

...except I don't need to as I was so busy I didn't have time to blog at all so have actually completed principle photography!!

Now I'm not trying to get ahead of myself. There's still a hell of a lot to get on with before it's finished but I felt an update on Project 30 was long overdue.

So this is where we stand:

Project 1: Complete the "Radio Play" Everyday Joe.
I completed project 1. So far 29 people in the world have listened to it! (Which is pretty rubbish if you think about it. But I wont dwell on this. At least it's out there and people are listening)

Project 2: Complete my first, "professional" short film.
I'm happy to say that I'm making progress with this. I did complete the sub task of completing filming so I now definitely have to finish it. I know how long this can take. I hope to get an edit completed for the animation in November (spoilers) and then there's the whole grading and sound and music etc. I am looking forward to editing however I've hit a bonus level.

Bonus Project: Music Video.
There's another competition on Genero.TV. Charlotte is interested so we're going to rush it out. When I say rush, the quality will be HD as requested. Actually I guess I'd better read the rems just in case...
Closing date is 15th November so I'll be back to One Foot From Hell soon.

Project 3: Complete the super secret script for a bonkers adventure film set in Victorian England.
Small progress made but nothing substantial. I think this is the one that will not be complete by 27th. Not ever the treatment. I will try, and it's definitely on the list to complete as soon as time lets me, but with the introduction of the Bonus Project time is limited.

Project - Mass Effect 2 - Complete.
However, as I have completed both Mass Effect 1 and 2 in 2012, I feel the need to complete Mass Effect 3 to complete the trilogy. So...

Bonus Game Project: - Complete Mass Effect 3
This I can complete by the end f the year.

So that's that. One Foot From Hell is go and I'm really looking forward to getting animating. The finished film is going to be pretty crazy. In a good way!!

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