Friday, 19 June 2009

Just to confirm I was there?

Ok, so I havn'tmuch to say. If I could be bothered, I could go on about the trials of creating 16-bit graphics in a "helpfully" smoothing era but I wont. Anyway I just thought I should continue the youtube gigs posts. We wnet to see Jarvis Cocker on Tuesday (16th June) and it was fair good it was. I don't really follow him musically. I know he's a nice man fomr TV programs and the like, and we did see him at Leeds festival in 2000 when he was Pulping it up so I had a brief idea of what to expect. His solo stuff is wuite good. It did keep me entertained for the hour and a half set. Not every song was a hit but it was a good night overall. So here it is, a randon youtube video so you can pretend you were there on the night with us. Enjoy!

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