Friday, 24 April 2009

Dancing a dance of safety.

So its strange for me to post twice in one day but I came across this looking for something similar. The Donnas, a band I've never really bought anything by, but generally enjoy and have seen them live at the Leeds festival many years ago. Anyway, they've covered The Safety Dance originally by Men Without Hats. So here it is. Excuse the crappy video, I didn't make it, but its the music we care about. Enjoy.

I really should get a Donnas album. Anyway, the reason I found this was because I was looking for a different cover version. I came across the cover a few years ago, and have it on a minidisc back home but now have no idea what it is. It was basically a sort of 50's rock and roll version. But no luck.

So to bring things to a close here's the original Safety Dance video. It is one of the best videos ever mainly due to its scary Wickerman similarities.

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