Saturday, 2 May 2009

Spies everywhere.

Ok, just a quick post now but I thought I'd best point this out. Its gone on for far too long that there is a villain hidden within the Mr. Men world. I noticed this the other day at work. No for some reason this person has yet to fully establish himself within the Mr. Men as he once did in our world. Maybe this is due to the strict nature of witness protection and all that changing of identities. Ok, I've built this up far too much, but, just for a minute, look at Mr. Fussy...

Take a long hard look. Does he remind you of anyone. Anyone really evil. Anyone who happened to dictate a lot. Anyone who... Ok it's Hitler isn't it. Mr Fussy is really Hitler.

So the Mr. Men had better watch out. Before long he'll be trying to take over the whole Mr. Men world. And who'll stop him. Who knows. We can but wait.

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casius dio said...

I have had a similar picture for years on facebook. I would just like to say its great someone else can see it. I told them i wasn't crazy!