Thursday, 7 May 2009

Q: Are We Not Men?

To those who don't know the answer, shame on you, but to put you out of your misery, A:WE Are DEVO.

Yes, brother Chris and I saw DEVO last night and it was amazing. I've been a fan of Devo from first hearing them on the Amiga game, Neuromancer based on the William Gibson novel. Now this was a digitized verson of the song Some Things Never Change, but then Dad played us the album Q: Are we not men. A: We are DEVO, and new fans were born.

So here we are say 15 or so years later and finally we get to see them live. Despite the obvious older age the band are in now they still had quite a lot of energy, and could tell they still enjoyed playing the songs. It was a special one off gig where they played the whole of their first album mentioned above. Which no the one hand was a rare and enjoyable experience, however this was at the cost of some other favourites. There was no Whip It, or Beautiful World, or Somethings Never Change, (but I really wasn't expecting that one) but still a really great night.

To give a rough location as to where we were standing we were basically in the second row of people in front of where Mark Mothersbaugh is on the second pompom dance. He was so close I could see the electro-punk excitement in his eyes.

So, in a good de-evolution move, we go to the support band, Robots in Disguise. Now I can't quite work out if I liked them. At first they were a littel annoying, acting as though a) Everyone knew who they were, and B) everyone had paid to see them. Now from what I can gather they have a following. That's all I'm going to say as I do't really follow music these days. Anyway, in listeneing to recordings they seem to be more electronic thatn they were on stage, which is a little disappointing as the music was alright. However, the electronic versions all sound a little flat. Anyway, here's a music video for you to enjoy.

At the moment I've broken my PC so updates of any kind are limited at the moment. Hopefully I'll get it sorted, or a brand new machine to continue on.

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