Tuesday, 19 May 2009

3D rabbits scare the crap out of me.

Brother Chris has gone off to Cannes to schmooz with the best of them, and I find myself still having to write Jimmy Fight. This is my own doing really. I said I'd do it, and it is experience. I am even getting into it its just I'm finding myself writing something that my heart truly isn't into. However, if in a bizarro world future I somehow have to write professionally, this is the kind of thing that would happen. The writers of Wolverine didn't start writing Wolverine in an attempt to make it themselves (at least I guess not). It was a job, handed to them. So, my own personal projects and ideas have gone on the back burner temporarily and I've written away.

So I'm just past half way, and it's pretty ok-ish. It needs a couple more drafts, especially as its a new deal for me and took me a while to get into it so it starts off pretty run of the mill. But it does get better. I hope to get it finished by the end of May then Brother Chris can take a pass at it.

The problem I have in this kind of work is I'm forever thinking up ideas, and when time is limited to one project at a time I get a pretty long back log and things start to drop off. We recently attended the Paper Bag night as part of the Brighton Fringe festival and I've got the urge to get back to animating once again. Now this is a time consumer. This hopefully will happen, I've even got an idea for the short, but at the moment, Jimmy Fight leads the way, then its back to the treatment stage for and idea that's so crazy it just might happen. That is all I'm ever going to say on the subject as if you heard the premise you'd realise at this stage it will never get made. So revisiting animation must wait. Which is also annoying because fuelling my new love was a visit to see Coraline in 3D at the weekend. This was a great experience. I 've always liked the idea of 3d films. I remember seeing It came from Outer space when I was younger (not its original release mind you) and jumping out of my seat when a rabbit leaped off screen. Not out of screen, just exit stage left. These days though, as good as it is, it just seems to go hand in hand with the CG animated films or kids films, and most of those I don't really care about. But Coraline, WOW.

The designs are great, the music is great and the workmanship is beyond great. What I like about seeing this in 3D is the fact that rather than the usual of a man waving a stick in your face, the 3D is more subtle. As with The Nightmare Before Christmas in 3d, is makes you feel as though you're on the worktop watching the models move. I'm not sure how I'll react to the film in 2D, but it is a definite must see.

Coraline - They Might Be Giants

I got a new PC too. That happened since last time. Haven't really had time to test its limits, but I'm sure its better than my previous machine which slowly began to shut down, then locked me out mid formatting, then recovered and became semi-useful. But I forked out the cash and got a brand spanking new machine as the old would definitely not handle anymore animatia or editing.

Until next time.


gerdarcy said...

Saw 'Coraline' and 'La Antenna'. Now I have the stop motion bug. I reckon I can get one off the ground and set up in that room I don't know what to do with!

Pete Regan said...

La Antenna was cool. A bit long maybe, but I enjoyed it.