Sunday, 16 November 2008

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I agree with what Brother Chris wrote in his last blog about the Friday the 13th remake. My problem with this remake is the appearance of Jason. I guess this could be spoiler: (Everyone knows he wasn't present in the original. So why does he feature in the remake. I guess there will be a reason for this but still.) Why remake it at all. I hated the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake. Well maybe not hated. but it was incredibly pointless. As was The Omen remake. The problem with these remakes is you have to keep the most memorable aspect of the original. In these cases the memorable aspect is a character, Jason, Leatherface and Damien. Despite my hate for remakes, one that works particularly well is Dawn of the Dead. This, I think, comes down to the fact that that memorable aspect of this film is the Mall and Zombies. If you've got those two, you can call it a remake, but also anything can happen with them. If you're remaking characters, you can't change them. But a Mall. Why would you need to change that? Exactly, you wouldn't. Anyway, they could have called it Friday 13th at least.

This brings me onto the trailer game. Yes I'm creating a game of it. The Hills Have Eyes 2 trailer is excellent. And although not as interesting, there is this for Back to the Future. Again, not much is given away.

On the other hand, this is how not to make a trailer.

But Superman III is ace. Much better than Superman II. What I like about the trailer is the line "Richard Pryor comes to Metropolis". This kind of makes out he's playing himself in the film.

Anyway. I've wasted too much time on this. Especially as I started writiing about something else, then changed it all.

One final clip to weird your out. I found the trailer for this on Xbox Live of all places but couldn't find it online so this small clip will have to do. It's a film called Clifford and star Charles Grodin and Martin Short as a 10 year old boy. Yes that's right. MARTIN SHORT AS A 10 YEAR OLD. This film was made in 1994, Martin Short was 44, and playing a 10 year old. Surely there must has been a Culkin they could have used. Anyway enjoy the clip.

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Chris Regan said...

The Back to the Future trailer is excellent - hadn't seen that before.

Hadn't seen the Superman 3 trailer either - that's the best example of what I was talking about with trailers giving you the whole plot - guess it's not a recent thing then.

I always wondered what happened to the careers of Charles Grodin and Martin Short - now I know.