Sunday, 11 January 2009

Dragging up the past...Trailer Style.

So I shouldn't really be posting now. I'm in the middle of a Batman Begins/Dark Knight double bill and paused briefly, but a promise I did make to Brother Chris. When we were young, we had a tape collecting a variety of trailers from the videos we rented. I can't remember why, but obviously is the reason I still like watching the trailers at the cinema. On this tape was a strange selection ranging from Ghostbusters II to King of the Kickboxers. I did go a bit mental and bought some of the ex-rental bix boxed VHS years later, only to discover in most cases the trailers were better. One of these films was WhyMe? based on the book by, and written by the late Donald E Westlake. This came up in conversation because of his recent death and Chris asked me to find it, so here we go.

Below you'll find this trailer and a selection of other hits from the trailer tape.

Why Me?

Puppet Master 2

The Time Guardian

The Ambulance

This trailer, on the tape at least, had the best tag line but doesn't seem to feature online. It went like this, "The Ambulance. If you call for help, you're dead!"


Chris Regan said...

For some reason the discussion about this post seems to be happening on my blog.

gerdarcy said...

Sorry. gist is. Why me = Ace.
TimeGuardian = superb, scarred my childhood along with a number of strange science fiction things that pretty much spell out every psychosis I have.