Friday, 9 November 2012

Sad news for Project 30...

So I really should have seen this coming.

After the official announcement of One Foot From Hell (fittingly on 31st Oct) you would have seen the addition of Bonus Project: Music Video to Project 30.
I was pretty confident when I wrote the blog post, but failed to actually consider how little planning had gone into the video. I started animating on Saturday night (3rd Nov) and continued on Sunday. Only to realise I was rushing way to fast with the animation.

What I really needed to get it right was time, and time was something I did not have. So I faced facts and called it off.

Bonus Project: Music Video - FAILED

However, like a phoenix from the flames, this project will return in a slightly updated form as part of "OPERATION 2013"

So after my busy weekend ahead I will continue with the main project - Once Foot From Hell, and hopefully work a bit on the treatment for the bonkers adventure film set in Victorian England.

Busy busy busy!

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