Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Growing up, networking and such…


I say growing up, but it’s more of a getting my life/priorities in order. By life and priorities, I mean work. It’s become all too easy stay comfy in the day job, however the typewriter has started to call.


(Hopefully you get what I mean. I could have said keyboard but you may have thought I was on a path to become a great pianist. Now I mention that I do have it on my list of things to eventually do).


Brother Chris has been writing for a while, however this year, there have been a few more opportunities for myself to help out on a couple of projects. For real life money. Basically as of this year I too can say I am a paid writer.


But what of the day job? Well, we’re not that well paid yet, so I must continue in my war with free time.


That’s where the growing up comes in. Brother Chris and I are starting to get organised. With 3 screenplays currently optioned we have a body of work to start building on. Hopefully at least one of these will see the light of day to carry us further.


And with this, the networking comes in. As we started to take things more seriously I decided  to attend a course back in June – First Draft with Pilar Alessandra of On The


This 2 day course provided excellent information on getting a first draft together quickly, and then beefing it up in the 2nd/3rd drafts. It was also an excellent place for networking…except I’m terrible at networking.


The main issue I have with this is I’m not one to shout about myself. Also, a certain percentage of people who can shout about themselves, come across a bit arrogant. I’m sure in their day to day lives they’re entirely pleasant. However as soon as they start telling me they have the best idea, and they only ever had a specific actor in mind for a role, and will settle for no other, but the script is so good that they’re definitely going to take the part; when I’m being told this, I zone out, and lose interest. They start to sound like a…let’s just say they are annoying.


I have a constant battle with this as here, in this very enclosed forum, I know I have a great idea. I just don’t like having to shout about it at the risk of coming off as an arrogant sod.


So there’s that to work on.


In many ways the reclusive feeling more than anything qualifies me as a writer. It also helps that I trained as an animator, another introverted profession.


So I need to grow up. Break out of my shell. Get networking. Speak to people about my amazing idea.


It seems that’s the only way to get things get made.


Unless you not the only one in the crowd shouting. Then it’s just a case of who’s the loudest.


You wouldn’t have guessed that I once made a film called Jonny the Pessimist.

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