Monday, 9 February 2009

Fortune and glory kid. Fortune and glory.

I could go on about Benjamin Button, but I'm not going to, much. I went to see it and was disappointed that it differs majorly from the short story, for no real reason I could see. It's ok, it looks nice, and the first half was good, but its way too long. Plus the focus seemed to shift onto the Cate Blanchett love interest, and how she has to grow old while Benjamin turns into a child. Whereas the short story sticks firmly with how Benjamin just wants to fit in. He leaves his wife when she starts getting old, not out of sympathy, but because he doesn't like her now she's old. He also cant get into college and things, I liked that aspect. The film obviously plays more into the sentimentality of it all. Plus its massively long.

So mediocre at best. However, I watched Cloverfield on DVD last night. This is the first time since I saw it at the cinema, and although it didn't have the same impact on its second viewing, its still a really good film. Characters, story and premise. All thumbs up.

So what am I truly blogging about. Well, I left my job last Friday (6th February for future reference) and now for the first time in roughly 2 years i find myself with too much time on my hands. I'll be eventually moving away, but until then there's no point looking for work, and I've got somewhere to stay, so I find myself killing time and thinking about what I'm doing, whether the right decisions have been made. In theory, the only reason I'm typing this out now is to think out loud. I know I'm not going to know if I've made the right move until a few more months have passed, at which point I hope to be settled anyway.

At the moment it kind of feels like I've run over the edge of a cartoon cliff, but I 've yet to fall, or make it back to the cliff edge. So I patiently await the outcome, driving myself insane with my thoughts.

I just hope the acme parachute hasn't got an anvil inside.

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