Thursday, 18 September 2008

Me Go Mental!!!

Ok, so obviously if I'm posting, I'm actually doing something else and this is just killing time. Yet again I'm updating my MP3 player. I know those with Ipods don't feel the need to change over because you can fit everything onto 1 ipod, but me I restrict myself to 1 or 4 GB. 1 in this case because I'M OFF TO NEW YORK. To cut a long story short, old mp3 player needs to be left behind at brothers house, needs better music.

So yeah, I'm off to New York on Saturday. And, as with everything I do, its all coming to its crashing crescendo. At least planning wise. Got to pack. Got to...well that was it really, but people kept ringing me and I had to finish of some title pages for my brother and his scripts. It all went a bit mad for a minute, and now I'm calming down by uploading my music.

When I return I'll get back into the blog a bit more, and the reasons behind it. Ranting and raving and Congo. Reviewing things here and there. And about writing, especially as I have to catch up on a project I thought had died.

For now I'm going "On the town, New York." and other On The Town musical numbers.

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