Friday, 12 September 2008

This is me bascially moaning...

So I know I'm going to sound ungrateful, but its really the timing of the whole thing that's annoying me.

Let's backtrack a little...

I had this idea for a script ages ago, previously mentioned (or unmentioned for copyright reasons) on here and its been in my head ever since. Only recently its found its way to the surface. In the meantime though I've co-written a project with my brother Chris (what writes at midnight) and then was pointed in the direction of a shorter writing project, that needed a brief synopsis. So I threw something together (that took a little more effort than I've given credit) and sent the email. And that was that. My schedule was free to work on my own script.

Now the way I seem to work is to think. I think a lot. Way too much. Often over thinking on the simplest of subjects. Even down to what film I want to watch, which normally results in the time ticking away until I only have enough time to watch a 7 minute Looney Tunes cartoon. Anyway, as I said, I'd finally reached a point for the script where I could begin writing things down, when along comes the co-written project needing a quick rewrite and outline (which I am happy to do). Not only that but I get a reply from the shorts people saying they are interested but its taking a little longer than planned. So now, I'm about to put pen to paper, or fingers to keys, and then my own project gets thrown back on the shelf as now I have to finish off the other projects. Now I like doing this writing gig, bu I kind of have a one track mind. I can only focuss on one thing. So the three projects all line up. The other thing that I have noticed abotu writing or filmmaking is that its enjoyable when you have things to do, and really really depressing when you've got nothing. You feel like you should be doing something, but there's nothing to work on. In this case I'd finally got over this depression period, getting back into writing when a load of other stuff comes back my way, things I thought were either complete or forgotton. I only really complain because taking on three projects means the out of ideas depression is really going to be bad after it. Plus I seem to have lmiited time at the moment. Throw in having to go to work, a couple of personal things coming up, including a trip to New York, and the annoyance of extortionate train prices and my head is ready to explode.

As I said at the start, I think way too much.

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