Thursday, 21 August 2008

Even Hypothetical Mutants can't stop me now...

Ok, so It's a little early to be blogging. I don't start thinking until at least 3 hours after finishing work. On this occasion I have to get something off my chest. I've been reading my brother's blog (Writer By Night) and checking out a few other blogs here and there and I feel I've hit upon a snag. All these blogs have point. They can ignore the fact that people probably don't read them in their tens (if they do then forgive me in saying that), something I've struggled with ever since starting my own websites years ago, "Are people even bothered if I update this?" kind of mentality. This has surfaced once again when decind what exactly people care to read about in blogs.

In his recent post my brother has begun a podcast, something I will never do, and as I was listening I found myself agreeing with the early points he was making about what exactly to write in the blog. He is a scriptwriter. He can discuss scriptwriting. I, on the otherhand, trained as an animator. Now it takes even longer to produce an animation than it does a script, and I agree that this type of blogging is in danger of becoming "Drew a couple of frames today. They were difficult. Couldn't get the smoke right." The problem here is these things all progress at such a slow rate you end up becoming monotonous. This is also kind of why projects shouldn't be announced. Take Coraline for instance. I heard about this film years ago. Henry Selick THE ACTUAL DIRECTOR OF NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS, not Tim Burton as so many people forget, was going to direct this animated Neil Gaimen story. Now I'd forgotton this was even happening until a few days ago when I came across some footage (He still is directing it btw). My point is this. I'd forgotten all about this film begin made. Initially I was interested but after searching so long ago and finding nothing on the project I obviously gave up, until it resurfaced once again.

The trick is to keep a project under wraps until at least half way through production so at least you can grab peoples attention and keep it until release. I know it's difficult with all the internet and tv and everything, but I really think more effort needs to be made. I suffer from this problem a lot. I have these ideas, that sound really cool, intending to make short films. Then after telling everyone I know I have this crazy idea. I write down about a sentence, then it fades away into non-existence.

I'm rambling on. I'm basically saying I have no idea what I want this blog to be about. I have no wisdom to pass on. I could just rant and rave, but seriously, apart from being mildly humourous, could get pretty tiresome. At the moment I've realised I've created one of those early websites that were all "Hi. My name is John. I like football. Here is a link to football." that served no purpose to to tell sorry souls that happened to pass their websites about themselves.

I think I've basically started something I'm doomed to hate.
I suppose there is another way to go.

Here is a link to a cat eating it's own face. Enjoy.

Note: I couldn't actually find a cat eating its own face.

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