Sunday, 17 August 2008

Let's get back on track...

So as I was saying I'm not much of a writer. I'm not going to try and block myself into a certain niche of blogging. If you read this blog you can pretty much expect to read about anything. I'm not going to be going into anything personal. I've had a pretty crappy week but you either know me, and therefore already know, or you won't care.

Everything else is fair game. Whatever I feel at the moment of sitting at the computer and start to type. What films I care to comment on, what music I've listened to, what games I've played. Generally whatever I've been up too. Anything that I feel needs to be said, reviewed or commented on. And probably many rantings inbetween. And with that, I think I've stated my case. I'll try to update as often as possible, depending how much fuel there is for the fire.

As a closing comment, I'd just like to say I've just completed Half Life 2 on the Xbox. Yes the original Xbox, I fell into quite a large backlog of games and have yet to join the current generation. But anyway, Half Life 2. This is one o the best games I've played of late, and is bay far more enjoyable than is prequel. Gone are the hordes of chicken headed scientists (there be a few left to annoy you) gone are the annoying, teleport in and electricute you insect men. And gone are the majority of other annoying aliens. In its place are evil men with guns, and the odd zombie. But the ideas for levels. That's what makes the game. A whole level of driving a hovercraft thingy. A level of driving a stunt buggy thingy. A level clearly inspired by Tremors (although this does provide some annoyance). A Gravity gun, which by the end becomes your sole weapon, that pulls in objects to be fire away at great force.

I know my description may not make it sound that impressive. I can't really explaining what it was exactly. Maybe level design, character development, story. Probably all the above. But what I do like (SPOILER - Is the fact that at the end of the game, just when you've defeated the evil bastard behind it all, the game freezes, and the very same smartly dressed man from the original takes you out into the ether, waiting to start another adventure. This at first annoyed the crap out of me, but quickly I realised how cool this whole setup was. Gordon Freeman becoming some sort of Space/Time Adventurer like John Ratzenberger in House 2)

But where do I go from here. Half Life 2 is complete, but I doubt the next game I play will be as entertaining.

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Chris Regan said...

I liked your hidden text spoiler trick. Simple yet effective.