Thursday, 14 August 2008

It's a start...

Right, I was going to start this blogging thing bascially explaining how I'm not really a writer, but currently I have a load of writing projects in progress. That was until I saw another trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars:-

I have issues with this film. I didn't want to start off my blog complaining but that's Geroge Lucas' fault. Don't get me wrong I like Star Wars, not so much the new streamlined, CG Yoda films but the good old trilogy. They remind me of my youth, when they were shown every Christmas, before Lucas stole them away and messed them up. I'm a Jub-Jub Ewok song fan. Not a "look another cg bat flying past drinking game" fan. But I digress.

The problem I have with The Clone Wars, and its ongoing saga in itself is that hasn't itt all been covered before. I mean, George Lucas returns to the Star Wars universe to tell the prequel story, OK. Then he sets up the clones, OK again. Then he gives us an animated series set during the Clone Wars. Then we see more of the Clone adventure in Revenge of the Sith. By this time I've gathereed there were clones. I've gathered that they killed the Jedi in a mass double cross thingy. We've seen that happen on screen. And I've gathered that "oooh, they're Stormtroopers" Even though none of the Stormtroppers had a New Zealand accent. And I've gathered that there was a BLOODY CLONE WAR. So why does George Lucas feel the need to set yet another film during these clone wars, supposedly setting up his spangly new CG series also set within the Clone Wars. And why are we expected to cheer Anakin Skywalker on again even though we've just seen him become Darth Vader. He can bloody die for all I care.

Now I now this all comes from a bias I have towards the originals, but still. If you were planning on doing a CG film, surely thats all the more reason to continue the story after Return of the Jedi, CG Ewoks and everything. We all want to see what Leia does with her Jedi powers, whether Luke can resis the Dark side and, most importantly, watch Han kicking ass again. Now isn't that the true way forward.


Chris Regan said...

I don't like their big CGI faces! The only good thing about the Clone Wars trailer is the music and I'm getting sick of that these days. It feels like something they want everyone to be excited about, and maybe they are, but I'm with you.

Anonymous said...

I like the lego, even though it's mot proper lego, It still makes me go OOOh! every time I see the child move the s-foil. In my day lego was a solitary thing where you tried for hours to make an x wing out of soyez style rocket boosters and oblongs, now it seems o be full of ultra detailed black shapes, where you can construct anything you want, provided it resembles a CG version of a reimagined at-at walker.