Tuesday, 26 August 2008

A time killing update...

I'm just ripping CDs to put on my MP3 player and I thought I may as well update this blog.

I'm currently having trouble coming up for the plot of a script. I had this idea a couple of years ago its been kicking about in my head since then. Only now, having written my first real script (I've written others of varying lengths, but people have actually read this one) it looks like this is the time to bring the idea out. I'm not going to go into any detail, nor tell you what the idea is on the offchance someone does actually read this blog and steals it. The trouble I'm having is basically getting the idea from my brain, to the page, without getting crappy in the process. I find the longer I keep an idea inside, working out the kinks, that by the time i get to writing it, everything is clear, everything makes sense, and it keeps me entertained. If I force it out, it just becomes a steaming pile of mess.

I also have this idea that I want to draw the ideas out, as in on paper. Design characters and stuff, but then I realise that most of the characters are everyday people, nothing too interesting. And my idea for the bad guy is far too fantastical that I'm sure if I could picture it clearly, I'd die of shock. I'm talking Cthulhu messed up. But not as big, or tentacley. Its just the effect I'm after.

With this idea though, I think I've kept it locked up too long to the point where far too many outside influences have latched on creating a monster of an idea that I'm struggling to make sense of. It's times like these when work really gets in the way. Besides if I wasn't working I'd most probably be working on another animation. Since I have to work from nine to five, and I know this will sound lazy of me, but I find it really difficult settling down behind yet another computer to work out the kinks in the idea.

"Why not just write now?" I hear no one ask. Well, I don't want to , I'm writing this, and I have to change CDs every few minutes. Distracting I think.

No, I am going to write when I know how Protagonist gets from A to B, why they get there, who else joins them and for what reason, and why they even exist in the first place. Trying to do this whilst office working is slowly setting my brain up for a crash, but alas, I cannot turn it off. If it wasn't this idea it would be some other fragment needing work. I'll just have to come to accept it.

I still have a couple of CDs left now. So...hey...what's up?

How cool is the Kull the Conqueror soundtrack. And the film for that matter. I think Kevin Sorbo needs to re-think his career and return to this type of film. Surely its going to be better than Meet The Spartans, and even Walking Tall 3.

The Gone Jackals. This is a band only a few know of by name (I'm guessing. No one I know knows them) That is until you mention they did the soundtrack to Full Throttle, the great LucasArts motorbike gang themed, point and click adventure game on the PC. Now that was a cool game. They were even planning a sequel before Mr Lucas decided The Clone Wars was the way forward and spent all his time on sub par Star Wars games only.

And on that note I'm off to watch yet another pointless episode of Smallville. This series was never that great to begin with, but Season 7 has somehow dropped even further. Although Green Arrow rocks.

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