Thursday, 23 July 2009

Better than I remembered.

So I did just watch Big Top Pee Wee, and as stated above it was better then I remembered. It is in no way equal to Pee Wee's Big Adventure, but it still has a few laughs. I think I could never grasp why Pee Wee now owned a farm in a small town where everyone seemed to hate him, whereas before he was in the city where everyone loved him. Even Amazing Larry.

A couple of key points to add. Big Top Pee Wee, I only notice today, stars Benecio del Toro as Duke the Dog faced boy, in his first feature role. One can't help but wonder if Joe Johnston was watching this film when casting for his remake of The Wolfman.

This was also a stand out moment of the film, the best line in the film. When Gina tells Montana that she loves Pee Wee because he is funny he says, "If you wanted funny, you could have gone out with Snowball" She then replies "Snowball's a clown Mace, clown's aren't funny."

So Big Top Pee Wee has gone up a few levels in my book.

I was originally going to blog about some other stuff. Basically the music video project I've been working on. Basically finally got around to storyboarding it today. Not sure how it's going to work though. I've planned a lot of close shots and as I'm planning a Svankmajer visual look I don't think the camera I was going to use will have a decent enough focus level. Also I thought there was a lot going on but maybe not enough for the 3 minute song. Before I present it to the band I'm going to create a rough animatic just so I know it's roughly in the right place. Despite that, I've also got a few green screeny tests to do first, just so I don't promise anything I can't actually do.

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