Tuesday, 7 July 2009


I watched The Clone Wars movie. I corrupted my eyes and brain with what is possibly the crappest Star Wars out there. I started this blog with a massive rant about how I hated the idea of the Clone Wars - you can refresh your memories here - about how I couldn't see why we'd care about Anakin anymore and so on. I sat there absolutely bored out of my skull watching the dying remains of a once great franchise. Was rescuing Jabba's baby son really the only way to go? Did we have to be introduced to a bizarre and camp New Orleans Mr. the Hutt? Did we really need the clones to speak? That was a mistake of the second film, but really now they'll always be New Zealanders, which I can deal with, but not if they change when they become Storm Troopers, which oh yeah they do. Where's the film that explain this loss of accent. Also another clone point, we get that they're clones, so why do they have to walk around without the helmets on, and why would they have different hair and personalities anyway. THEY'RE BLOODY CLONES. Anyway, this film just made me angry. It wasn't Star Wars. There was no writing at the beginning, no "period of civil war", no real music, just a hint. As far as I can tell the Star Wars franchise has officially died, all we get now are pseudo political space dramas. It was so not Star Wars that 20th Century Fox didn't even put it out, but Warner Bros. And what's a Star Wars film without the Fox Fanfare a the beginning. George Lucas should be stopped before he makes more of this crap and drags the quality of the original trilogy into the ground with his crappy, messy prequels.

So anyway, I've just finished my entry for this years E4 Esting competition. I've been struggling with it a bit this time around, due to moving away and having to wipe my old hard-drive I'm struggling to find my backups of programs I had. So with a reduced capacity I find myself having to now compress the video to no more than 20mb. It's only ten seconds so this shouldn't be difficult, however it likes the size of 36.5MB more. The problem I've always had with compression is if you go too far, the quality is seriously reduced. The file can only be uploaded as a specific file type, .avi not included.

Long story short, I've managed to get it into a decent looking mpeg4 file type but is only 8.41MB. This seems too small to retain any kind of quality, but some how looks a lot better than the DVPal Avi. I'm beginning to confuse myself with these file types. I'll just have to wait for Brother Chris to get home to verify that it looks good enough for televisual broadcast.

In regards to the actual sting, I'm still behind the idea, it's pretty much how I imagined it would look, which is good as I basically compiled it as I was going along.

So any other news....I finally got around to watching Wall-E the other day. After the abysmal Ratatouille I was a bit put off with Pixar, and couldn't see how a silent robot would change anything, but it actually works. It's not a perfect film but it is enjoyable.

I also saw Public Enemies, the Dillinger, Johnny Depp, Christian Bale picture. For some reason all I can remember is that it wasn't as good as The Untouchables. It's still watchable and interesting. It just feels, in parts that you're not involved in any of it. It just plays out in front of you as a Dillinger biopic. Still there were good shoot outs and bank robberies. It seemed to be more about how the FBI set itself up as Dillinger just got on with his things. It has a good soundtrack anyway, and a good cast.

Not much else to report on so I guess I'll go. I'll link to the Esting when it's up and running on the E4 website.


Anonymous said...

I think the battlefront II game explains the loss of accent towards the end.
But you have a totally valid point: I was most upset to see at the end of the digitsed, re-digitised version of Jedi that that hack Lucas had replaced the ghost of Sebastian Shaw with the ghost of Hayden Fucking Christian.
Lucas strikes me as the type of chap who would dig up his child's dead dog and neuter it, just so he could claim to be a responsible dog owner.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the sting by the way.