Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Set Ranting to Maximum.

Ok, I was informed this evening by the star of Giant of Science, a small film I made many moons back, that the friendly people at YouTube had removed the soundtrack.

What??? I said, just like that, with three question marks. I hadn't been made aware of this action.

The last time this happened, I got an email form YouTube saying Universal had flagged Bloody Woods for using music I didn't own. Fair enough I thought. It was true, and I had used the full tracks of 'Ramblin; Man' by Hank Williams and The Residents. I think I may have ranted earlier about this. Anyway I got an email then, and they decided to keep the video up there. Unlike WMG. Yes the Warner Music Group was so offended by the fact that I only used roughly 30 seconds of music from each track that they decided to remove the whole soundtrack. At least that's the only reason I can see why this is beneficial to anybody. So now the film is pointless. Yes I know I didn't pay for the music, yet I never claimed it as my own, nor was I making any money on it. In many ways it was free advertising for the bands (DEVO and The Misfits, whom I both love which is why I used their music). I say bands as I see they took the soundtrack from Frisbees from Mars, another mucking about film.

So here I rant, not only at WMG for being so petty as to destroy art (which is what's happening in a way) but also at the lack of information I was given by YouTube. I wasn't given a chance to remove the video or alter the video. The decision was made for me, without warning.

And for that, YouTube can fuck off.

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