Sunday, 26 July 2009

Why can't things just work out first time.

So I storyboarded the music video. It all looked pretty much OK. Then I listened to the song again and realised that what I'd 'boarded may be a little too fast for the song. I think when animating I should be able to sort this out and everything will look cool once again. However, I have also realised that there's not enough story to fit the song, especially if I want certain frames at certain moments in the song.

So I thought I'd made major headway into this video but it looks like there's a lot of re-jigging to go before I can begin animating. There's no doubt this will bring it's own problems due to the fact that I don't have the correct equipment to do this properly. This project could all end up in a big mess. However I could always scrap the Svankmajer idea and go back to a traditional method that I'm more in tune with.

I'm also struggling wiht an assortment of differing file types that Premiere refuses to recognise. A problem when trying to combine the storyboard with video samples.

Anyway, despite what I've just said it is kind of going well and I hope to get this stage complete by the weeks end.

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